Radical Cheerleaders

May 1st, 2010 in Linz was really good.

We had a lot a fun. We lived our fantasies as radical cheerleaders with our clothing reflecting a play on a mix of genders with beards, mustaches, pink wigs and black and pink pom-poms.
We shouted out six different cheers like:

“To the Left , to the left, but never to the right”;
“Solidarity for the Sans Papiers”;
“Kein Menschen ist illegal, Bleiberechte überall!” etc.

Before the demonstration there was a contest for the best-masked costume, and we (maiz) were the winner of the Oscar of security policy - The golden safety pin!

I was worried about this May 1st demo, because my daughter was with me, and the May 1st demo in 2009 was overshadowed by police brutality towards the demonstrators. Furthermore, on Tuesday, April 29th, 2010, a large number of policemen conducted a raid during the training of the anti-racist football team "FC Sans Papiers" ("without papers") and one of the players and the trainer were kept in custody pending deportation deportation .

The presence of the clown guerrillas was unforgettable and really good.
The photos is "hier", und auch hier.